Gator Rigs
"Build Locally~Drill Globally"

All vendors must be on our approved vendor list - NO EXCEPTIONS

Want to becoming an approved Vendor:
  • Send email to and include the following information:
    1. Name, address, and phone number of business and contact person
    2. How long your company has been in business
    3. State the product or service you would like to provide
    4. State if your an ISO or API company and if so a copy of your certification must be attached to the email
  • If your company is accepted during the first phase you will be notifiied by email that you have been accepted as a temporary approved vendor.
  • Temporary approved vendors must be temporary for a minimum of six (6) months from date of email acceptance.

Current Approved/Temporary Vendors:
  • All orders will be quoted
  • Quotes must have qty ordered, description of item being quoted, and shipping charges
  • Quotes will be reviewed and the winning vendor will be issued a PO
  • All invoices must have a PO# - this includes cash purchases when using our sales tax permit
  • Vendors invoice must match Gator Rigs PO including PO#, Qty Ordered, Description - If this is not correct payment will not be issued until corrected
  • Temporary Vendors - if your invoice is incorrect or you dont accurately and promptly deliver order you will automatically be removed from being a vendor 
  • All metal vendors must have MTR's for metal being delivered - incorrect or missing MTR's will cause the order to not be accepted.