Gator Rigs
"Build Locally~Drill Globally"

Gator Rigs is a family owned and operated business and the owner is a 3rd generation rig builder who's family has been in the rig building business since the days of the wooden derricks. ​Therefore,"If we haven't figured it out by now, we probably never will." 

Gator Rigs specializes in​ manufacturing/fabricating/customizing/and restoring of high quality drilling equipment in the gas, oil, water, and geothermal drilling industry

Our mission is to provide domestic and overseas clients with the finest service, highest quality, on time delivery, and to be treated like family.

Featured Projects
  1. Gator T150DB
    Gator T150DB
  2. Gator 1000SS
    Gator 1000SS
  3. Parts House/Change House
    Parts House/Change House
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